Nikasemo makes studying Numeracy Skills fun and interesting

Nikasemo is a studying App which helps you study Numeracy Skills with interesting videos and quizzes. You can also prepare for your exams with timed and simulated past exam questions!

Nikasemo allows you to learn in various ways!

Learning should be fun and should be explored through different mediums.

Interesting Videos

Learning videos on Nikasemo are well animated with examples which will help you understand the course very well.

Quizzes Bank

With about 1200 questions which include past exam questions and solutions, you can now understand and solve questions better.

Exams Simulations

Exam Simulations on Nikasemo takes you through timed questions selected from past exam questions to master them.

Learning Circles

Learning with your friends is more fun! Study with your friends get to know each others progress and be accountable to each other!

Use Nikasemo on all Platforms

Android, iOS and Web!

Nikasemo Numeracy on Android

Download your favorite Numeracy Skills companionf from the Google Play Store for free.

Nikasemo Numeracy on iOS

Download your favorite Numeracy Skills companionf from the Apple App Store for free.

Want to use Nikasemo on your Laptop?

Use our web application to study with Nikasemo on your laptop everywhere you find yourself!

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Learning should always be fun and interesting. Nikasemo always ensures that!
Learning is fun here!