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Nikasemo Technologies is an African Edtech company building software and hardware solutions for learners and educators to enhance their teaching and learning outcomes. At Nikasemo, we believe learning should be fun and with that light, we are engineering all our products towards that. This we believe will create a new learning experience for all.

By including gamification, gift rewards, and practical analysis and reporting of students’ learning data, all our stakeholders (Learners, Schools, Teachers, and Parents) enjoy the education process and are motivated to do more on our platform.

Over the past few years, our products have been used by over 10,000 learners and educators through our various platforms; Nikasemo Learn, Asixta, Edlege, Nikasemo Numeracy, and Nikasemo Notes.

There have been over 1 million learning engagements ever since we began this project and learners spend about 45-60 minutes on our platform when they learn. Our products have also been used across 30 schools so far as we look to scale across Africa and beyond. Our ratings on the Google Play Store for Nikasemo Learn and Nikasemo Numeracy are 4.9 and 4.85 respectively.

To make our platform accessible to learners who do not have access to learning devices, we started Learnn Labs. The first of which has been established in Brainbirds Academy. These Learnn Labs also organizes short IT proficiency courses for these kids on coding, design, digital marketing, and other skills needed to succeed in their given fields.

Good education and quality learning should be democratized; it should be fun also. We are creating a new learning experience for Africa, from Africa to the World.

Our Vision and Mission

We believe that learning should be fun and also very interesting. It is our mission to create a new learning experience for all.

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