Nikasemo Numeracy

Nikasemo Numeracy is a fully fledged product which comes with Apps for Android, iOS and Web to help Student in Unuversity of Ghana study Numeracy Skills.

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Nikasemo Learn

Nikasemo learn is a product which helps schools take their classrooms beyond the class. In these times of COVID-19,
every school should enroll enroll their schools here.

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Learning should be fun right?

For students to keep learning everyday and become self motivated learners, the learning process has to be gamified. This will make the whole learning process interesting and fun.

Learning has to be engaging too!

Social media keeps us coming back to it through constant engagement and re-engagement with friends and information. Through research and constant innovation, we have built features in our products which connects students with their colleagues and friends in order to keep accountabillity and also study with each other.

Rich peformance analytics for parents, teachers and students!

Parents are sent weekly peformance summaries of their childrens learning activities. Teachers can also see peformance of all their students and give tailored feedback to each of their students.

We also use this data to create a digital map of a child’s performance from the point they start schooling till the point they complete. This can in the long way help shape a child’s future prospects as you would know where their strengths, weaknesses and interests lie.

Start Using Nikasemo for your Academics

As a student or as an institution, Nikasemo can help you achieve your goals

Are you a student studying Numeracy Skills! Learn more about how Nikasemo Numeracy can help you. learn more..

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Are you a school looking for for a way to move your schools studies online. Nikasemo can help you. Learn more..

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